Labor and Social Security

We provide consultancy and advice to our clients in understanding the current Mexican labor market, guiding them in the planning of the labor template, guiding them in the Mexican labor legislation, and I the compliance with day-to-day labor obligations. We offer assistance in the review of the strategy in hiring personnel, establishment of benefits and bonuses additional to those contemplated in the law, providing the necessary labor contracts and in the establishment of programs required by the Social Security legislation and NOM-35.

We provide advice for the establishment of programs and policies to create inclusive spaces within the operation, and to eliminate violence and discrimination in the workplace and to eradicate the gender gap, establishing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion guidelines, guides, policies, talks and training,

If necessary, we can represent them in complaints and litigation against the businesses which we represent.

Most of this advice is provided by expert attorneys with who we have a business relationship, with which we have established non-exclusive alliances.


  • Federal and Local labor matters consultancy
  • Contracts and Agreements
  • Legal compliance on labor and social security matters
  • NOM 035
  • Conciliation
  • Litigation