Real Estate

We provide legal advice in all kinds of realty transactions, including the strategy of implementation of development structures and business, management development plans.
We guide our clients in connection with their investment (including financing, establishment of guarantees), as well as building, operation and development of all type of projects, including commercial, industrial and residential. We provide consultancy and advice on the acquisition, lease and management of lands (communal) in Mexico.

We guide our clients in compliance of regulations relating to and use, urban development and zoning, all types of permits and licenses including permits for the perforation and use of water wells and public and private services.


  • Consultancy and guidance for the acquisition, sale and leasing of realty.
  • Obtaining and investigations of public records of deeds of ownership of realty.
  • Advice, negotiation, and preparation of all kinds of realty lease contracts, including leases of realty bult to measure.
  • Advice, negotiation and preparation of all kinds of construction contracts.
  • Guidance and advice on communal land (inmuebles ejidales).
  • Negotiation and preparation of all kinds of purchase and sale and lease agreements of realty in Mexico.
  • Advice regarding con human settlements (asentamientos humanos), urban development, zoning; as well as contracting for public and private services, obtention of all kinds of permits and licenses, including permits for perforation and use of para us of water wells.